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Mitigating Threats to Cyber-Security

Start Date: May 30th, 2018

End Date: May 30th, 2018

Location: Singapore

Price: S$ 599.00

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  • Our lives today are deeply intertwined with technology, be it computers, tablet devices or smartphones. The need for security is increasingly important with the proliferation of smart devices where confidential information and critical infrastructure face risks of being hacked and compromised. Both individuals and corporations face such threats and if not mitigated, it could lead to irreparable damage.

    This course will cover the actions organisations can take to protect against cyber-crimes and how to respond in the wake of one.

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  • At the end of this course, you will be able to :

    • Understand the basic information security concepts and the types of cyber-threats
    • Understand the importance of cyber-security and the cyber-security framework
    • Draft the corporate cyber-security policy
    • Formulate a response and communication plan for different types of cyber-threats
    • Create awareness within your organisation on the cyber-security policy and response plan
    • Overview of security concepts
    • Identify types of cyber threats
    • Introduction to cyber security and its framework
    • Draft the corporate cyber security policy
    • Outline and formulate a response and communication plan for different type of cyber threats
    • Establish awareness within your organisation on cyber-security policy & response plan
    • New IT team members, Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management team members and individuals who are assigned to maintain information and cyber-security for their organization
    • Those who are interested in cyber-security are also encouraged to join this course.
    • Victor Ng, AMBCI, ACTA

  • Course Fees*:

    Early Bird,
    Register 4 weeks before the course date

     S$ 499 
    Normal Fee  S$ 599 

    *inclusive of tea breaks and lunch


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