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Project Manage your Business Continuity & enterprise Risk Management Programme

Start Date: September 9th, 2019

End Date: September 10th, 2019

Location: Singapore

Price: S$ 1,099.00

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  • There has been an increase in the importance placed on effective project management and professionals with strong project management skills are increasingly being highly sought after across different disciplines, industry and system. Applying project management skills to a business continuity (BCM) or enterprise risk management (ERM) project would streamline the process and ensure completion on a more efficient schedule.

    This 2-day course will deliver an organised process for project managing BCM and ERM programmes. Learn to develop and roll out a complete and effective BCM/ERM programme for your organisation through the role and framework of a professional project manager in leading and directing projects and teams. Also, learn strategies on how to “sell” your BCM and ERM Plans to the stakeholders in order to effectively manage their expectations and to engage them in the decision-making process.

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Perform project assessment and identify the key deliverables based on business requirements and BCM & ERM frameworks and scopes according to the ISO standards
    • Develop the Project Management plan and schedule
    • Manage stakeholders’ expectations and improve customer relations
    • Measure project performance using suitable tools and techniques within the stipulated timeline
    • Introduction to the fundamentals of BCM & ISO22301 and ERM & ISO31000
    • Perform project assessment and stakeholder, benefit & risk analysis to align the project with stakeholders’ expectations, organisational strategy and expected business value
    • Review and assess detailed project requirements, constraints & assumptions and develop scope and cost management plans to manage the scope of the project
    • Practice the real thing through developing Gantt charts and process flows
    • Define the project manager’s role & responsibilities as well as the team’s and stakeholders’ roles & responsibilities
    • Prepare & communicating the final project report to convey project performance and assist in project evaluation
  • Specifically designed for professionals responsible for managing the BCM and/or ERM process and require guidance in developing a project plan for the BCM/ERM programme and rolling it out. Professionals who wish to start planning for a BCM/ERM programme from scratch for their organisation are also encouraged to attend this course.

  • Course Fees*:

    Early Bird,
    Register 4 weeks before the course date

     S$ 990 
    Normal Fee  S$ 1,099 

    *inclusive of tea breaks and lunch