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WSQ Leadership in the Implementation to Business Continuity Management Programme


Start Date: December 16th, 2019

End Date: December 16th, 2019

Location: Singapore

Price: S$ 650.00

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  • Integrating Business Continuity Management into every organisation’s operations is crucial. This course aims to provide learners the key focus areas in BCMS programme required to integrate into the business operations. It is essentially useful for the Business Leaders and Heads of Department and the BCM champions to have a quick overview on the programme.

  • Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:

    • Apply the use of key risk indicators of disruptive events during crisis
    • Understand to maximise the use of resources in order to support the business continuity plans
    • Understand the roles of the various plans used in conjunction with each other during crisis
    • Contribute to the directions of your Business Continuity Plans
    • Comprehend  the components of Incident Response, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans
    • Overview of the BCM Programme and understand the Business Continuity Management Principles
    • Utilise key risk indicators of disruptive events to inform and activate crisis response and recovery activities
    • Prioritise the resources available in the organization to support business continuity plans
    • Interpret crisis assessment documentation to contribute to business continuity plans
    • Identify critical business functions and their inter-dependencies during disruptive events
    • Identify and manage synergies between incident response plans, crisis management plans, business continuity plans and organizational operational plan during crisis.
    • Newly appointed Business Continuity and/or Risk Managers
    • Newly appointed Coordinators
    • Head of Department
  • Henry Ee, FBCI, CBCP, ACTA

    Raymond Ee, MBCI, ACTA

  • Course Fees:

    Normal Fee  S$ 650

    Inclusive of tea breaks and lunch