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Implementing Compliance Risk Management System

  • With the different regulations and laws set in place by the government and industry, ensuring that all parts of your business is compliant to every rule and regulation can be a daunting task. A part of the governance requirements is that most regulated industries would need to develop an effective compliance risk management (CRM) framework, requiring an organisation to build its risk management capability.

    This 1-day course will provide the fundamental elements and controls of effective compliance risk management in any organisational context and process that is in line with the best practice outlined in ISO 31000 Risk Management framework and process.

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to :

    • Identify the ISO 31000 Risk Framework and Risk Management Process
    • List the CRM process
    • Perform compliance risk assessment
    • Develop effective compliance risk management controls
    • Develop metrics and analytics to measure both compliance risk thresholds and the effectiveness of risk management
    • Outline Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) under ISO 31000 and explain the ERM framework and process
    • Discuss the process of integrating ERM under ISO 31000 into the Compliance Management System
    • Design the Compliance Risk Framework and to integrate into the organisation process along with the CRM controls
    • Explain the Compliance Risk Management Process
    • Communicating the Compliance Risk Management System with internal and external stakeholders
    • Identify compliance risks and perform risk assessment
    • Carry out risk mitigation and treatment and to maintain risk monitoring to ensure compliance to current and new rules and regulations
  • Ideally suited for Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk and Compliance Officers, Risk and Compliance Committee members, Risk Champions, Risk Owners and Risk Managers & Team Members. Professionals in compliance functions and risk management functions such as audit & risk management as well as individuals keen in Compliance & Risk Management are also encouraged to join in this 1-day course.

    • Dennis Lee
  • Course Fees*:

    Early Bird,
    Register 4 weeks before the course date

     S$ 499 
    Normal Fee  S$ 599 

    *inclusive of tea breaks and lunch