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Documenting Flu Pandemic & Haze Contingency Plan

  • The outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 has taught Singapore a valuable lesson. As a nation, Singapore has also braced other pandemic outbreaks such as the Influenza H1N1 & H1N5. No one knows when the next influenza will hit us, and there could be a possibility that we could face a more deadly and highly infectious influenza pandemic.The big question is: “In the event of a pandemic outbreak, is your organization prepared?”.

    On the same note the Haze situation has been a national issue and concern these couple of years and organisations have been putting up reaction plans to handle the situation. Both Flu and Haze focus on people contingency – can we develop a plan that handles both with reference to the Ministry of Health, National Environmental agency guidelines and SPRING Singapore Flu Pandemic Guidelines? Find out the answer in this workshop!

    Duration: 1 Day

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to :

    • to understand the purpose of preparing for people contingency
    • to obtain an overview of the guidelines by both SPRING and NEA
    • to develop a plan that addresses both Flu and Haze contingency situation.
    • Purpose of people contingency plan development and its role in business continuity
    • Overview of the SPRING and NEA guidelines for Flu and Haze situations
    • Determine the possible business continuity strategies for flu pandemic, required resources and handling procedure
    • Determine the possible business continuity strategies for Haze, required resources and handling procedure
    • Identify the key similiarities and differences between the strategies
    • Documenting the flu pandemic and haze contingency plan (TEMPLATE will be given)
    • Challenges and key success factors for a robust plan
  • Ideally suited to BCM Managers, BCM Coordinators / sub-team members, flu pandemic managers, individuals who are directly involved in planning for and managing organization flu preparedness program.

    • Victor Ng  AMBCI, ACTA
    • Peck Eing Seng  MBCI, ACTA
  • Course Fees*:

    Early Bird,
    Register 4 weeks before the course date

     S$ 499 
    Normal Fee  S$ 599 

    *inclusive of tea breaks and lunch