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Webinar on how to Prepare a Pandemic Response Plan


Start Date: May 5th, 2020

End Date: May 7th, 2020

Location: Online

Price: S$ 99.00

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  • Since news of the Coronavirus outbreak, many government bodies and organisations have released countless advisories on the current Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    After reading all these information, do you know what steps your organisation should take towards implementing or executing your Pandemic Plan?

    We have created a 2-part Webinar Series to assist in your Pandemic Plan Management & Implementation and be able to document your Pandemic Response Plan. The Webinar will provide and walk you through templates and Industry Best Practices for handling Pandemic Outbreaks while ensuring Business Continuity.

    The webinar slots:

    Webinar Part 1
    (view outline below)
    5 May 2020, 3 pm - 5 pm

    Webinar Part 2
    (view outline below)

    7 May 2020, 3 pm - 5 pm
  • By the end of this webinar series (Part 1 & 2), you will be able to:

    • understand the importance of having a Pandemic Response Plan
    • Understand the differences between a Pandemic Response Plan and Business Continuity Plan
    • Determine the activities to prioritise or processes to be protected
    • Be able to describe the possible pandemic response strategies and prepare the pandemic response plans through use of templates
    • Be able to understand when to activate these plans 
    • Establish communications protocols and procedures
    • Be able to decide on the policies and precautionary measures to undertake
  • Part 1 - Prepare:

    • Overview of the COVID-19 and its difference with SARS and MERS
    • Discuss the key difference and similarities of a Business Continuity and Pandemic Response plan.
    • Determine the critical business functions or processes to be protected
    • Discuss the possible Pandemic Response strategies to be adopted.
    • Prepare the Pandemic Response Plan


    Part 2 - Take Action:

    • Determine the activation procedures aligning to the authorities advisory
    • Establish the communication protocols, channels and procedures
    • Discuss the policies and precautionary measures to take
    • Get into Action : Test the plan!
    • Key success factors


  • Highly recommended for Emergency Response, Business Continuity, Risk Management, Crisis Management & Communications team members, HR & WSH team or individuals who are assigned to manage the Pandemic Plans of the organisation