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WSQ Manage and Implement Business Continuity Plans


Start Date: October 28th, 2020

End Date: October 30th, 2020

Location: Online

Price: S$ 1,200.00

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  • Manage & Implement Business Continuity Plans covers identifying the business continuity team and the roles and responsibilities of members. This 3-days course will also cover executing business continuity plans, coordinating crisis response and recovery activities and identifying and managing synergies in resource usage. This course will also guide participants in communicating with employees on business continuity plans.

    All virtual trainings will be conducted at (GMT+8, SGT).
    Daily Sessions: 1:30pm - 05:00pm 

  • To equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to:

    • Identify the Business Continuity team members and assign roles and responsibilities, including their own roles in implementation of business continuity plans
    • Familiarise with the types of continuity plans and the business continuity resources
    • Applying the completed business impact analysis and risk assessment reports, prepare a business continuity plan for the organisation
    • Schedule maintenance and plan reviews and updates for the business continuity plan
    • Identify Business Continuity Team and relevant roles and responsibilities in consultation with relevant stakeholders
    • Execute business continuity plans in accordance with recovery strategies, business continuity strategies and framework
    • Coordinate the organisation’s crisis response and recovery activities in accordance with Business Continuity policies
    • Identify and manage synergies and conflicts in resource availability and access in consultation with relevant stakeholders to ensure optimum resource allocation
    • Implement procedures to communicate with and educate employees on Business Continuity plans
    • Business Continuity Managers, Risk Managers, BU Coordinators and Department Representatives responsible for monitoring BCM Programme and /or developing Crisis Management Plans
    • Supervisory level personnel who are responsible for recommending solutions and/or mitigation strategies for the organizations
    • Henry Ee  FBCI, CBCP, ACTA
    • Victor Ng  AMBCI, ACTA
    • Peck Eing Seng  MBCI, ACTA
    • Raymond Ee  MBCI, ACTA

    Participants are expected to have completed the “[WS 01] WSQ Conduct Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis” course.



    05 November 2020

  • Course Fees (after WDA Subsidy)*

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    SME S$ 900 + GST Up to S$ 135 S$ 165 + GST
    Non-SME S$ 270 + GST Up to S$ 81 S$ 849 + GST

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