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WSQ Conduct Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis


Start Date: October 22nd, 2020

End Date: October 23rd, 2020

Location: Online

Price: S$ 650.00

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  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment (RA) falls into the second phase of the BCMS implementation cycle, the most important phase amongst the rest.  Incorrect or non-accurate data gathered in this phase may result in the wrong strategies proposed and could lead to huge costs.

    This course aims to equip participants with the competency in writing the business impact and risks analysis for their business unit on their own.  Through an interesting mix of lecture, case studies and hands-on assignments, each participant will be able to appreciate the purpose and how crucial their entry will impact the entire organisation’s business recovery strategies.

    The course is developed based on ISO22301 requirements; templates for BIA and RA will also be given.  Ideal for organisations that are starting on the BCM program, intending to upgrade their BCM program to ISO standard and/or include as part of their BCM  maintenance program for new coordinators.

    All virtual trainings will be conducted at (GMT+8, SGT).
    Daily Sessions: 1:30pm - 05:00pm 

  • To equip participants with essential skills and knowledge to:

    • identify and analyze threats that may disrupt business operations
    • identify the critical business functions, resources, interdependencies, prioritisation and determining their impacts to business
    • recommend solutions and/or mitigation strategies
    • Introduction to Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
    • Identify Critical Business Functions (CBF) within the business unit(s)
    • Analyze and quantify the impact of internal & external influencing factors
    • Analyze interdependencies and resources of CBFs
    • Write the BIA report
    • Introduction to Risk Assessment (RA)
    • Identify and analyze threats that may disrupt business operations
    • Determining the probability and impacts of each risk/threat
    • Recommend solutions and/or mitigating strategies
    • Business Continuity Managers, Risk Managers, BU Coordinators and Department Representatives responsible for monitoring BCM Programme and /or developing Crisis Management Plans
    • Supervisory level personnel who are responsible for recommending solutions and/or mitigation strategies for the organizations
    • Henry Ee  FBCI, CBCP, ACTA
    • Victor Ng  AMBCI, ACTA
    • Peck Eing Seng  MBCI, ACTA
    • Raymond Ee  MBCI, ACTA
  • Course Fees (after SSG Subsidy)*

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    S$ 650 + GST - - -
    SME S$ 500 + GST Up to S$ 75 S$ 75 + GST
    Non-SME S$ 150 + GST Up to S$ 45 S$ 455 + GST

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    Other Course Date:

    * Assessment will be held 1 week after the course.


    Date Location
    26 Feb & 05 Mar 2020 Singapore
    25 Mar 2020 Malaysia
    02 & 09 Apr 2020 Singapore
    01 & 08 Jun 2020 Singapore
    05 & 12 Aug 2020 Singapore
    23 Sep 2020 Malaysia
    03 & 11 Dec 2020 Singapore


    Duration: 1 days of training, 0.5 day of assessment